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Skip Hop Explore and More Baby's View 3-Stage Activity Center, Multi, 4 Months

Skip Hop : Baby Product : Baby Product
Product Details
Other Price : $119.99
Offer Price : See Offers

Product Group : Baby Product
Color : Multi
Size : Small, Large, X-Small, 4 Ounce
Release Date : 2016-11-22 ,

  • Size (inches): 31l x 31w x 18.5h
  • care - Clean with dry cloth only

Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 100 Piece Set

Valtech Company : Misc. : BISS
Product Details
Other Price : $119.99
Offer Price : $108.99

Product Group : BISS
Color : Clear

  • Magna-Tiles easily connect for hours of open-ended play
  • Create cubes, pyramids, and other geometric shapes
  • Be creative with imaginative, hands-on play to build anything you can imagine
  • Develop math, science, spatial and fine motor skills
  • Sold as a set of 100

Please Note : New

Panasonic KX-TG7875S Link2Cell Bluetooth Cordless Phone with Enhanced Noise Reduction & Digital Answering Machine - 5 Handsets, Black/Silver

Panasonic : Office Product : CE
Product Details
Other Price : $169.95
Offer Price : $123.99

Product Group : CE
Color : Silver
Size : 5 Handsets

  • Sync your smartphone to your home phone with Link2Cell technology;WxDXH (Base) 7x4.6x4(inches); WxDXH (Handset) 1.9x1.3x6.7(inches)
  • Link up to two smartphones to make and receive cell calls on your home phone and clearly hear calls from noisy places with noise reduction
  • Stay connected even when the power goes out with the power back-up feature
  • Never miss a text with talking ID alerts from Link2Cell handsets
  • Keep your smartphone charged with convenient USB input

Please Note : This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

LEGO Ideas Nasa Apollo Saturn V 21309 Building Kit (1969 Piece)

LEGO : Toy : Toy
Product Details
Other Price : $119.99
Offer Price : $119.95

Product Group : Toy
Release Date : 2017-06-01 ,

  • Features a meter-high (approximately 1: 110 scale) 6224324 of the NASA Apollo Saturn v with removable first rocket stage, removable s-ii second rocket stage - both with rocket engine details
  • Includes removable s-ivb third rocket stage with the Apollo spacecraft and rescue rocket at top of the whole spacecraft, plus 3 stands to display the 6224324 horizontally
  • The Apollo spacecraft features the lunar Lander and the lunar orbiter. Lunar Lander for docking with command service module and Lunar Orbiter for sending the rocket into space
  • Includes a booklet about the manned Apollo Moon missions and the fan designers of this set
  • Measures over 39 inches (100cm) high and 6 inches (17cm) in diameter

Nintendo New 3DS XL - Black

Nintendo : Video Game : Video Games
Product Details
Other Price : $199.99
Offer Price : $188.00

Product Group : Video Games
Color : Black
Genre : action-games ,
Release Date : 2015-02-13 ,

  • C Stick for enhanced controls.Built-in amiibo compatibility and NFC support.
  • Faster processing power than Nintendo 3DS and Face tracking 3D.
  • Plays all Nintendo 3DS games.
  • AC adapter not included.
  • Use Parental Controls to restrict 3D mode for children 6 and under.

LEGO Super Heroes Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown 76108 Building Kit (1004 Piece)

LEGO : Toy : Toy
Product Details
Other Price : $99.99
Offer Price : $126.50

Product Group : Toy
Release Date : 2018-03-03 ,

  • Includes 4 minifigures: Iron Spider-Man, Iron Man, Doctor Strange and Ebony Maw, plus a Cull Obsidian big figure
  • This set features a 3-level New York City building including the Sanctum Sanctorum, pizzeria, Peter Parker's apartment, 2 fire escapes, rooftop water tower, plus a detachable street corner scene
  • Sanctum Sanctorum features an entrance hall with an opening door, weapon rack with an axe and sword, and an armchair; library with bookshelves, opening chest and Doctor Strange's top-floor office
  • Explode the library wall to reveal the Infinity Stone; explode the window to reveal the spider web on the building wall
  • Pizzeria features an opening door, exploding window function, pizza oven, buildable shawarma and assorted elements including a pizza, pizza peel and fire extinguisher
  • Street corner features a newspaper stand with newspaper elements, trash can and assorted elements including a spider web with Iron Spider-Man's cell phone and a pizza slice
  • The Iron Man, Iron Spider-Man and Ebony Maw minifigures are new for March 2018 and you can recreate thrilling scenes from the Marvel Super Heroes Avengers: Infinity War movie.
  • Measures over 11 (30cm) high, 7 (20cm) wide and 8 (21cm) deep

Magic the Gathering Masters 25 Factory Sealed Booster Box MTG Card Game - 24 packs

Magic: the Gathering : : Toy
Product Details
Other Price : See Offers
Offer Price : $173.23

Product Group : Toy

  • Players will get to draft like a master as they are taken back through time to experience some of the most popular planes, mechanics, and spells in Magic's history!
  • Nearly every card in Masters 25 features a watermark, representing its original expansion symbol!
  • Each booster box is brand new factory sealed and contains 24 packs, each pack contains 15 random cards.
  • Look for randomly inserted rare and mythic cards in some boxes like Phyrexian Obliterator, Jace, the Mind Sculptor, Azusa, Lost but Seeking, and more!
  • Release Date: March 16, 2018

Please Note : pre-order item. ships march 16th

LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox 17101 Building and Coding Kit (847 Pieces)

LEGO : Toy : Toy
Product Details
Other Price : $159.99
Offer Price : $159.95

Product Group : Toy
Release Date : 2017-08-01 ,

  • Includes over 840 LEGO pieces, plus a LEGO Move Hub, Interactive Motor and a Color & Distance Sensor
  • Move Hub features Bluetooth low energy (BLE) connectivity, two encoded motors, activation button, internal tilt sensor and a light
  • Color & Distance Sensor detects distance, motion and color, and can also function as a light
  • Building instructions for all 5 models are included with the free LEGO Boost app, requires 6x AAA 1.5V batteries (not included).
  • Vernie the robot stands over 10in (27cm) tall, Guitar4000 measures over 1in (5cm) high, 16in (42cm) long and 5in (15cm) wide
  • A tablet or mobile phone is required, but not included. Compatible with selected iOS, Android, Kindle and Windows 10 devices with BLE 4.1 and newer. Compatible with selected mobile devices.
  • Download the LEGO Boost App in the Amazon Appstore: amazon.com/dp/B075LL7KGB

Step2 All Around Playtime Patio with Canopy Playhouse

Step2 : Toy : Toy
Product Details
Other Price : $199.99
Offer Price : $153.99

Product Group : Toy

  • Open pavilion-style design is a perfect outdoor playhouse for fun in the sun
  • Includes kids kitchen and grill with sink and a swivel faucet that allows kids to grill up their favorites meals
  • Sand and water play area features several accessories and lid for splish-splash water fun
  • Snack table features an included dish set for playing kitchen or creating a lemonade stand.
  • Spacious interior and high canopy playhouse that offers plenty of room for social, interactive, and role play

Infrared Laser Tag Guns and Vests - Laser Battle Mega Pack Set of 4 - Infrared 0.9mW

ArmoGear : Toy : Toy
Product Details
Other Price : $179.00
Offer Price : $149.99

Product Group : Toy

  • AUTHENTIC LASER TAG GAME 🔥 Turn your home or backyard into a laser tag arena with the ArmoGear laser tag gun set, the most advanced set of laser tag guns out there! No other laser tag set has real TARGET VESTS, INVISIBILITY MODE, NIGHT VISION FLASHLIGHT, VOICE-GUIDED DIRECTIONS, and an extreme 150 FT SHOOTING RANGE!
  • MULTI-PLAYER, MULTI-AMMO 🔥 Up to 4 teams can play in this riveting battle! Switch between the unique powers of PISTOL, SHOTGUN, MACHINE GUN, and ROCKET to blast your enemy and declare victory! These laser guns are ergonomically designed with a solid grip in your hand, easy to handle even for young kids. 100% SAFE, using Child Safety Infrared Signal Emission -1mW.
  • FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY 🔥 Tactile vibrations and lifelike shooting sounds make for deeply immersive gameplay, guaranteed to turn kids and adults away from their screens! Have a blast and create cherished memories on holidays, snow days, or birthday parties, with a fun family laser tag tournament! It's the PERFECT GIFT IDEA, sure to delight kids of all ages!
  • PREMIUM QUALITY & DURABILITY 🔥 Why spend more on lazer tag guns that are prone to defects, forcing you to go through the hassle of returns and exchanges? The ArmoGear laser guns for kids are made according to the highest manufacturing standards for a top-quality, long-lasting toy. In addition, they are rigorously inspected by our quality assurance team to weed out any defective units and ensure you get a complete, fully functional set!
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE 🔥 We walk the extra mile to ensure you are 100% satisfied with this product, by offering a FULL money-back guarantee! Please feel free to contact us in case of any issues or concerns with your order, for a hassle-free refund and your money back. Batteries not included, each gun uses 3 AAA batteries and each vest uses 3 AAA batteries. (set of 4 totals to 24 AAA batteries)